Custom Gene Synthesis Services

Bioelsa has an extensive experience in gene synthesis technology. Gene synthesis enables powerful solutions for molecular cloning, creating fusion proteins, or achieving sufficiently high protein expression levels. Bioelsa offers high quality speedy gene synthesis at affordable prices. Unlike traditional molecular cloning technologies, Bioelsa’s gene synthesis service offers cost-effective solutions and quick turn-around time for your custom DNA synthesis, cloning, and/or recombinant expression project needs. We also offer a wide range of downstream services, including sub-cloning, mutagenesis, and plasmid preparations.

There are 6 basic steps involved in generating a synthetic gene sequence:
  1. Chemical synthesis of short oligonucleotides.
  2. Oligonucleotides annealing by ligation or polymerase reactions.
  3. Cloning of gene sequences into specific vectors.
  4. Screening of E. coli clones to identify putative candidates.
  5. Sequencing to verify correct plasmid sequence.
  6. Lyophilization of purified plasmid.
  • Over 98% success rate with "No Gene, No Charge" policy.
  • Free codon optimization upon request.
  • Free of charge for sub-cloning into one of the standard cloning vectors.
  • Fast turnaround time with 100% sequence accuracy guarantee.
  • Site directed mutagenesis service.

Complimentary Gene Codon Optimization

Bioelsa offers a complimentary codon optimization service for achieving stable and enhanced heterologous protein expression levels to improve codon usage in one or multiple host cell systems. Gene codon optimization is a powerful tool when we can combine our synthetic DNA technologies with our proprietary optimization algorithm to achieve the highest possible expression levels in any given host system. There is a variety of critical parameters taken into consideration, including but not limited to: Codon usage bias, GC content, CpG dinucleotide content, mRNA secondary structure, Cryptic splicing sites, Premature PolyA sites, Internal chi sites and ribosomal binding sites, Negative CpG island, RNA instability motif (ARE), Repeat sequences (direct repeats, reverse repeats, and Dyad repeats), Restriction sites that may interfere with cloning.

Bioelsa also offers complimentary cloning into a standard cloning vectors for each of your gene synthesis project. We can also subclone your synthesized gene into one of our available expression vectors, for a small subcloning fee.

Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

Our extensive experience in peptide synthesis technologies has afforded us the capability to take on a wide range of sequences, purity levels, and modifications to meet your research needs. Our high success rate means you will get your custom peptide made so you can move forward with your research goals.

  • Over 98% success rate with "No Peptide, No Charge" policy.
  • From crude to 99% purity; from milligrams to kilograms.
  • Wide range of peptide modifications (250+) are available which includes Acetylation, Amidation, Dye and fluorescent labeling (e.g. Biotin, FITC, FAM), Phosphorylation, Cyclization (disulfide bonds), Isotope labeling, Stapled peptides, CMK, FMK, Spacers (PEGylation, Amino Hexanoic Acid), KLH or BSA Conjugations. Bioelsa also provides Glycopeptide modifications, such as Ser/Thr (GlcNAc), Ser/Thr (GalNAc), Ser/Thr (Gal-GalNAc), etc
  • Each peptide comes with CoA, MS spectra, and HPLC chromatograms.
  • Fast turnaround time.

Recombinant Protein Production Service (E.coli)

In case of the non availability of any protein from the catalog, Bioelsa offers custom protein production services to serve your needs. Our custom protein production service utilizes our proprietary codon optimization algorithm and in-house gene synthesis technology to offer customers the best customized research products at affordable prices. Our numbers speak for themselves, with our vast experience in custom protein expression and over 95% success rate in e.coli recombinant protein expression projects.

A tag-free protein is very crucial for many R&D experiments. The conventional recombinant protein production introduces different tags (typically His-tag or GST-tag) to carry out protein expression and purification. Bioelsa also removes the LPS from the purified protein, as it can elicit an inflammatory response in the mammalian hosts, from the final protein preparation for downstream applications involving in vivo studies or cell based assays.

  • Risk-free Guarantee: No Protein, No Charge!
  • Free gene synthesis & subcloning.
  • The tag-free protein production is unlike the traditional tag removal process. Our tag-free protein starts with tag-free protein expression, and purified by ion exchange to ensure proper native folding.
  • If the expressed protein is insoluble (expressed as inclusion body), refolding will be attempted to make it soluble.
  • Protein purity is determined by SDS-PAGE, and quantity is determined by Bradford assay.
  • Protein is delivered in freeze powder whenever possible (in neutral buffer before lyophilization: 1x PBS, pH 7.4). If protein is delivered in solution form, the default buffer is: 1 x PBS, 50% Glycerol, pH 7.4.

Custom Polyclonal antibody production

Bioelsa offers cost effective Polyclonal antibody production service that allows you to take advantage of our in-house gene/peptide/protein production technologies to offer you the best in customized antibody productions at affordable prices. The steps involved in the polyclonal antibody production are: from peptide design, synthesis, and carrier protein conjugation to animal immunization, serum collection, titer analysis, and final antibody purification. We also immunize with recombinant proteins or protein fragments provided by you or expressed and purified by us to generate antibodies in rabbits, rats, chickens, mouse and guinea pigs. Our expert team can guide you through from project design to antigen selections, to help make the best choice in achieving your research goals. Many of our custom antibody packages do offer risk-free guarantees.

  • Risk-free Guarantee: No Antibody, No Charge.
  • With peptide antigen, we guarantee ELISA >1:32,000 (OD=1) for the peptide antigen or free of charge. With protein antigen, we guarantee ELISA >1:32,000 (OD=1) and WB positive for the protein antigen or free of charge.
  • Low Price with Fast Turnaround.
  • One-Stop Services: From antigen design, peptide synthesis or protein production to antibody production services.
  • Risk-free Guarantee: If the generated antibody does not meet our quality guarantees, the customer receives NO charge.
  • Other than phospho peptide antibody package, there are formyl/methyl/cyclic/acetylated peptide antibody packages available.
  • Anti-serum can be requested instead of the purified antibody.
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